The colonization of Alpha Centauri is not an easy prospect,  however if we develop the means to build massive self contained solar orbital space bases from OPERATION MARS AND OPERATION ASTEROID BELT,  then it would simply be a matter of attaching propulsion systems to send these massive space bases across the gulf between stars. 

   These bases must be massive to shield the cargo from the intense cosmic radiation,  And as will be likely, it will be the collection and storage and long term use of gas filled asteroid 

All of this is discussed and mentioned as it is the ultimate goal and function of our species and our technology to enable this fruition into the stars across the galaxy, and eventually..  across the cosmos.    Some may suggest that such planning is premature,  however our future and survival should be of such importance to all humans that we should as a planet be actively involved in these long term plans and these goals as a real drive and purpose for our global economies.


 If you are a global player who can help save and fullfill the destiny of our species then we would ask that you get seriously involved, because the rate at which we can accomplish these goals is directly in proportion to our willingness to get it done.

matter which we can send through already developed nuclear rocket systems to enable our vessel to enjoy a   9.80665 m/s^2   acceloration rate, and have constant Earth level artificial gravity during the entire journey.  Since these will likely need to be multi-generational ships it will be of great importance that we maintain contant Earth like conditions to maintain our biological integrity and keep up the strength of our bodies and those of our children.